Charline Jansen

Studio Co-ordinator

Charline loves to make people feel seen and heard. She sees the studio as a sacred space, where you come for yourself, as well as indirectly for the other. She finds it important that the space radiates tranquility and will make sure you feel warm and safe.

During a period of crisis, she first came in contact with yoga. It helped her to find rest and reconnect with her body and emotions. Through yoga she became aware of how to take care of herself and what is most important in life – shared moments of connection.

She believes we are all here to create life together, to support and inspire each other, no matter who you are, where you come from, what you have experienced or what you do. After her own experience of improved wellbeing as a result of practicing yoga and being part of a yoga studio community she decided she wanted that to be her workplace. And here she is. Her wish for the studio is for it to be a safe place of coming home, for everyone.

When she is not at the studio, she is dancing, walking her dog Billy or working on personal development. She also loves to write and explore the world.