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This is the Cookie Notice of Yoga Circle Amsterdam B.V. (“Yoga Circle”, “we”, “us”, “our”), registered at the address De Clercqstraat 66-68hs, 1052 NJ Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

When you visit our website, we act as a “data controller” for the personal data collected by means of cookies. This Cookie Notice (“Notice”) describes how Yoga Circle uses cookies and similar technologies such as tags, pixels, scripts, web beacons, etc. (together: “cookies”) when you visit the website (the “Website”).

For further information as to what personal data may be collected by means of cookies or how Yoga Circle handles personal data in general, please see our Privacy Notice.

1. What type of Cookies does Yoga Circle use on its Website?

Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies are strictly necessary for functioning of the Website (including online portals and tools) and use of their features, such as page navigation and accessing secure areas.They remember your cookie choices and allow you to log in or complete a form. The Website and online portals cannot function properly without these cookies.

Functional cookies: These cookies allow us to recognize you in order to provide enhanced functionality and personalization. For example for remembering your registration details and preferences, such as your username on the login page, region or country and preferred language for future visits to the Website. These cookies also allow the Website to be optimally displayed on your screen.

Performance and Analytics Cookies: These cookies collect information about your visit and use of the Website (including online portals and tools). For instance, we collect information about the pages visited most often, the time spent on the Website and if you encounter any problems or error messages. These cookies help us to understand how visitors interact with the Website so that we can ensure that it is relevant and useful. It also helps us to issue spot and resolve bugs.

Social Media & Other Tracking Cookies: Social media cookies allow websites to offer the possibility to connect you with your social networks and share content from that website on those networks. Advertising cookies are used to deliver adverts to serve a visitor with offerings that may be of interest to you (targeted advertising) or to limit the number of times you see a particular advertisement. We do not currently use any advertising/targeting cookies.

Many of these cookies will identify you using your IP address, so they may collect personal identifiable information. The cookie overview below sets out the cookies placed by us or a third party on the Website.

2. How can I manage cookies?

Our Website allows you to change your cookie preferences at any time. When clicking on “customize”, you will be shown a list of consent preferences, so you can adjust your settings by clicking on the relevant boxes.
In addition, you can change your browser settings to prevent cookies from being placed on your device or if you want to delete cookies that you may have accepted earlier. The controls will vary depending on which browser you are using and it is important to check with the browser provider how you can do this. The ‘help’ section in your browser should provide information on how to manage your cookie settings.

You can also find more information about third-party cookies and opt out of certain marketing cookies from many ad networks using one of the industry-based ad choices tools go to, such as This website enables you to block cookies from specific third parties. You can also visit the third-party websites to understand and control the settings of cookies from each specific third party.

Please note that if you reject or delete cookies, you will still be able to visit our Website (including use our online portals and tools) but certain sections or some of the features may not work correctly.

3. Which cookies does Yoga Circle use?

We use cookies to (i) improve the use and functionality of our Website and online portals, (ii) to gain a better understanding of how visitors use the Website, and (iii) to generate statistics so that we can optimize the attractiveness, content, and functionality of the information we provide on them.
Below you will find our cookie list to find an overview of all cookies used on Website. This list sets out in which category the cookie sits, its purpose and lifespan, and whether they are placed by Yoga Circle or a third party.


CookiePurposeOrigin / Placed byLifespan
__cf_bmThis Cookie, set by Cloudflare, is used to support Cloudflare Bot ManagementCloudflare30 minutes
cookies-consentCookieYes sets this cookie to remember users’ consent preferences so that their preferences are respected on subsequent visits to this site. It does not collect or store any personal informationCookieYes1 year
elementorThe website’s WordPress theme uses this cookie. It allows the website owner to implement or change the website’s content in real-time.Elementornever


CookiePurposeOrigin / Placed byLifespan
No cookies to display   


CookiePurposeOrigin / Placed byLifespan
_ga_*Google Analytics sets this cookie to store and count page viewsGoogle1 year, 1 month, 4 days
_gaGoogle Analytics sets this cookie to calculate visitor, session and campaign data and track site usage for the site’s analytics report. The cookie stores information anonymously and assigns a randomly generated number to recognise unique visitors. Google1 year, 1 month, 4 days
_cfuvidCloudflare uses various cookies to maximize network resources, manage traffic, and protect our customers’ sites from malicious traffic. The _cfuvid cookie is only set when a site uses this option in a Rate Limiting Rule, and is only used to allow the Cloudflare WAF to distinguish individual users who share the same IP address. Visitors who do not provide the cookie are likely to be grouped together and may not be able to access the site if there are many other visitors from the same IP address. CloudFlaresession
cf_clearance Cloudflare uses various cookies to maximize network resources, manage traffic, and protect our customers’ sites from malicious traffic. Clearance Cookie stores the proof of challenge passed. It is used to no longer issue a challenge if present. It is required to reach an origin server.CloudFlare1 year
originNo description available.Eversportsnever
fpgThe fpg cookie stands for “feature preview group”. It’s an indicator that we use to decide whether a user should see a certain feature or not (it is used to do A/B tests and the value of this fpg cookie decides whether the user falls into group A or B).Eversports1 month


CookiePurposeOrigin / Placed byLifespan
No cookies to display   


4. Modifications to this Notice
We may change this notice from time to time. If this involves a fundamental change that we are required to inform you about, request your permission or if the change is relevant to you in some other way, we will ensure that you are given the relevant information, and, where required under applicable law, obtain your consent against the same well before the change actually comes into effect.

5. Contact us

To ask questions or comment about our Cookie Notice and our use of cookies, you can contact us via [email protected]