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Eddie Stern Pranayama

Pranayama Training with Eddie Stern (10 hrs)

Pranayama is a fundamental practice in classical yoga for calming, strengthening, and focusing the nervous system in preparation for meditative practices. In this training with Eddie, you will learn a few simple pranayama plans you can use effectively for daily practice.

Yin in Concert

A very unique opportunity to join a special Yin Yoga session with meditation, contemplation and deep relaxation of mind and body, whilst being immersed into the sound of calm piano music composed and performed live by César.

Ashtanga Yoga Weekend with Kino MacGregor

Mysore practice, asana skills, lectures, meditation and pranayama | a full weekend of workshops to deepen your practice skills and to renew your inspiration and dedication to practice.

Eddie Stern Pranayama

Yoga Workshop with Eddie Stern

We are honored once again with the presence of Eddie Stern and his ever evolving teachings on yoga. This weekend will be focused on pranayama and asana practice. All levels welcome.

Family Constellations, inner child

Family Constellations

A workshop to look at the system we grew up in and explore how this is influencing our lives today using guided meditations, family constellations and writing practices.

SPECIAL CLASS | Cacao & Singing

A heartwarming community night with cacao, sound and singing! We drink pure cacao directly sourced from beautiful food forests in Latin America.