Claudia Pradella


Italian born and raised, Claudia found herself in a successful career that she didn’t chose while living in London many years ago. Called to explore what else life had to offer, she took some time off to travel and to start bridging her inner and outer worlds. By the time she relocated to the Netherlands, Yoga had became her primary tool for navigating through the challenges of daily life, and Ashtanga the tradition she committed to, touched by its beauty, its power and its simplicity.
She however missed a school to practice and decided to open such a space herself in Amsterdam, (co)founding Ashtanga Yoga School Amsterdam in 2010. As Ashtanga became more popular, the opportunity to work together with the Delight Yoga team gave the Mysore Community the space needed to consolidate its ground further. With the closing of Delight Yoga in 2023, Claudia knew that this community needed to find a new home really soon and she felt – once again – the call to get into action. Yoga Circle was the natural result of this process, born out of the joint effort of a team of dedicated practitioners of yoga. Her wish is for Yoga Circle to be the space for many more to experience deeper levels of connection through the practices of yoga.