Lidewij Severins


Lidewij grew up with yoga and can’t even imagine a life without it. it brings her a sense of calm and presence that allows her to enjoy a full life with two kids, a loving husband, friends, doula clients and Yoga Circle ! she teaches Ashtanga, Yin and Prenatal Yoga. She’s fascinated by pregnancies, births and babies and loves to support new parents in their journey. She was teaching and working at Delight Yoga for over 10 years. When their doors had to close, Lidewij felt very clearly that the community needed a new home. Almost effortlessly everything came together, and she simply followed that flow, in full trust that something beautiful would arise.
her wish for Yoga Circle is to be a second home for everyone that is looking for connection and community. A place to move inward, to connect to yourself ánd to others. A safe space for everyone to be, in presence, with compassion and support. A place for growth, for joy, for tears, for life !