Manda O’Leary

Studio Co-ordinator

Manda was born on a farm in a small town in America, from there eventually moving to a big city. So learning at a young age the balance of life and staying connected to nature.
Dancing was a way to move through her early years, eventually the love of movement led her to her first yoga class, her life was changed forever. Traveling through this new found love she found herself in India at 22 years old. This time in India created a bridge for her to discover more. The experience of life and how we move through it becoming her truest and biggest teacher.
Now 15 years later as a mother, yoga teacher and lover of all things that connect to a more meaningful life she found her place to land in Amsterdam. While traveling you meet people along the way who show you qualities of what family is, and this is what she has found at Yoga Circle.  Being far away from her own family there is a deep need for community and living in a way where we can truly support one another.
Manda enjoys a simple life. Well being and personal growth being the pillars for day to day life. She loves being in nature, dancing and most of all the connection with other like minded people. Becoming a mother recently has transformed her entire world, creating deep inspiration to support other women on their journey into and around motherhood.
It gives her great joy and a sense of honour to be in the studio. Co-creating a safe space in which everyone feels welcome and seen, as well as the feeling of deep trust that we are all doing this together.